Top 20 Hottest Countries in the World

There are many countries on earth and they all have different climactic conditions depending upon their location. Some places experiences extremes in temperatures, while some have similar temperatures throughout the year. If we consider the parameter of average temperatures (in degrees Celsius), the following countries make it to the list of top 20 hottest countries in the world

  • Burkina Faso

A country is West Africa land locked by six countries experiences an average yearly temperature of 28.25. It experiences the highest temperature in April and the lowest in January.

  • Mali 

Another landlocked country of West Africa that sees an average temperature of 28.25; The hottest month is January and the coldest is August.

  • Kiribati

A part of Oceania, this small country experiences similar temperatures throughout the year with maximum of 32 and minimum of 25 degrees Celsius. The average temperature here is 28.20. All tropical countries show a similar pattern putting them in the top 20 hottest countries in the world.

  • Djibouti

July and January are the hottest and coldest months in this East African country. Its average temperature is 28.00.

  • Tuvalu

Just like Kiribati, its maximum and minimum temperatures stay similar throughout resulting in an average of 28.00.

  • Senegal 

Situated in West Africa, the climate remains hot from June to October when it peaks and starts cooling to the lowest temperature in February. The average temperature here is 27.85.

  • Mauritania 

With September as the hottest and January as the coldest month, this African country sees an average temperature of 27.65.

  • Maldives

As with most tropical climate, it experiences an average temperature of 27.65 through the year with a slight peak in the month of April.

  • Palau

With the daily temperatures ranging between 24 and 31, this country in Oceania observes 27.60 as it average temperature.

  • Benin

With a temperature peaking to 37 in February and dipping to 28 in August, the average temperature here is 27.55.

  • Gambia

The temperature in January falls in the range of 17-32. which reduces to 23-30 in August. The resulting average temperature is 27.50.

  • Marshall Islands

The temperature here varies between 24 and 29 and results in an average temperature of 27.40.

  • Ghana

With the highest temperature of 34 and a lowest of 19, the average temperature for the country is 27.20.

  • Bahrain

With the desert climate peaking to 39 in August and dipping to as low as 14 in December, the average temperature is 27.15.

  • Niger

The temperature rises during April-May and then dips to rise again in October. The coolest months are Dec-Jan. The average temperature here is 27.15.

  • Qatar

This is also a desert country and experiences high temperature during June to October, post which it cools down giving an average annual temperature of 27.15.

  • Seychelles

The temperature stays between 24-30 throughout the year and averages to 27.15.

  • Togo

The highest temperature here is close to 32 through the year except when it dips a little in August. The average temperature here is 27.15.

  • Somalia

With April as the hottest and July as the coolest months of the year, the average temperature here is 27.05

  • United Arab Emirates 

With the highest temperatures crossing 40 in August and dipping to 9 in Dec-Jan, the country receives an average temperature of 27.

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